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How we rate online jewelers and why we do it

We tested the top 24 online diamond companies to determine which ones rated highest in honesty, quality, customer service, diamond expertise, patience, low prices, longevity online, and in-house selection of high quality diamonds. First we found six that passed all criteria. Then the ultimate test: customer feedback is the final cut. Customers were reporting trouble with four of them, so we took them off the list, and now we only have two stores left. And new stores need to show longevity before I will consider them.

The two stores below have a perfect customer service record with our referrals for over 5 years now, with hundreds of positive testimonials. We stopped giving info about anyone else. All we suggest is that you use these stores as benchmarks to compare anyone else you find on your own, and buy wherever you feel the most confident about integrity and helpfulness.

If you compare in full, you might end up seeing what we see -- there are a LOT of stores that offer most of the criteria we tested for, but only two that offer it all. That was frustrating for us, but I have found that it saves me time and lets me sleep at night knowing that I am always sending you to a place that will treat you right. So there you have it. My process in a nutshell. Compare for yourself and let me know how it goes.

That Passed Our Extensive Tests

Union Diamond

Our readers report the best service they have ever experienced. Our testers found the same.
Forbes Online: ( Read the full review)
Yahoo! Finance says: "sparkling reputation" (article)
Bonded: A $50,000 dishonesty bond protects purchasers from any dishonest practice such as stone switching.
The most helpful diamond experts we found anywhere
The best diamond presentation and packaging, beautiful
Impeccable honesty, integrity, and ethics (returns, exchanges, etc.)
Extreme diamond expertise, and happy to share
Huge selection of high quality diamonds, all certified by GIA, EGL, AGS
Prices are extremely competitive, quality for quality

Blue Nile, Inc.

Blue Nile

The world's largest online diamond seller
Over 100,000 couples have bought a diamond from Blue Nile
Exclusive Signature Collection of the world's top 1% diamonds
Huge online diamond inventory
Excellent service that goes beyond the norm
Forbes Magazine: "Favorite online jeweler"
Fox News: "Best value on diamonds"
BizRate: "Highest customer ratings"

Start your quest for a diamond by selecting your personal diamond dealer as priority one -- because a good dealer will be the best source for guidance at every step. You will have the best experience if you stay with one or two dealers from beginning to end. As you refine your parameters, your personal dealer will learn to understand your needs and often will do a custom search of the market, if needed, to find just the right gem for your budgetand tastes.

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