Top 20 Diamond Scams

The 20 most common scams in stores
and 13 precautions to avoid them.



Engagement Rings:
How to Buy a Diamond

Please follow these steps exactly, or you will leave out some important detail and make a big mistake on your engagement ring.

Please do NOT think you can do this on your own. Diamonds are too complicated, and the scam artists are way too clever. It took me a decade to learn what I have condensed into these pages for you. Even dealers with years of experience make mistakes that cost them dearly. Why spend weeks learning about diamonds when you will probably do this only once in your life?

Make the Right Decisions Fast

Since no one receives any training about buying a diamond in school, it’s not your fault you don’t know enough to be a dealer overnight. Just follow these easy guidelines, ask questions along the way, and you will make the right decisions.

Follow these guidelines, do it fast, and get back to your life.

Five Decisions: We Make It Easy

You have five decisions to make. Use the tools on this site to save money, save time, and eliminate the stress.

With my background as a former diamond dealer I want to do more than give you information and leave you to make all the decisions on your own. I want to help you make those decisions quickly and intelligently, or all my knowledge goes to waste. So I condensed everything I know into five easy steps, including decision makers and advanced pricing calculators that do all the hardest work for you.

I also tested and ranked the best internet jewelers and found a top quality network of all the best local jewelers. Many jewelers offer fair prices, but a lot more charge too much. Unless you are a trained gemologist or diamond dealer, how will you ever know which is which? I bought and sold thousands of loose diamonds over 12 years as a dealer, and as manager of large retail stores, so I know what to look for — the little things that make the difference between a great deal and a great scam.

I already did all the research for you. Follow these easy steps, avoid the mistakes, and get back to your love life asap.


How It Saves You
Time and Money:
1  Choose The Best Jeweler
 (for help at every stage)
Our uncensored ratings of the best local or internet jewelers eliminate the guesswork in choosing a dealer.
2 How to Decide on the 4 CsThese questions guide you quickly through the complex maze of the 4 Cs and help you make the right decisions in just a few minutes. DO THIS!
3  Diamond Size TutorialThis tutorial page teaches you how to use diamond databases to figure out what size diamond you can afford, in the quality you have decided on
4  How to Read a CertificateThis takes you beyond the 4 Cs to help you make the best decisions on every detail that affects the quality and price of your diamond. This is crucial if you want a decent stone!
5  Diamond Price TutorialCRUCIAL: This tutorial page teaches you how to use online databases to calculate the price for any diamond. Don’t waste time on calculators that only do the 4 C’s. That is not enough!