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Diamond Buyers Beware

Buying engagement rings online can save you money, but only if you choose your jeweler well.


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The 4 C’s Are Never Enough!

Go beyond the Four C’s in your education about diamonds and avoid the scams. Without going deeper, you WILL get cheated.

15 Minutes Could Save You $1,000’s
On Your Diamond Engagement Ring!

They Cheated My Father…

During my diamond training with GIA from 1982-1984, I found out my father had been cheated. I decided to teach consumers how to avoid the most common scams as they shopped for an engagement ring. When the internet got popular in 1998, I put my diamond buying guides online to help more people. I also started testing every jeweler across the U.S., using insider secrets that consumers cannot access. I share my test results as online jeweler reviews, to help you find the best diamond deals. It feels awesome to help so many people every day.

Protect Yourself From Scams

You do NOT need to become a gemologist to avoid all the scams and find the best diamond deals. Here are my easy, detailed diamond guides.

Main Point :: First find a jeweler you can trust, before you search for a diamond. A lot of stores offer good prices, OR good service, OR good selection, OR good quality… but almost no one does it ALL the right way. See our Tested Jeweler Reviews to find the best online or local diamond stores in the country.


The Best Diamond Sellers

If someone passed our testing… they have it all :: price, service, selection, quality, and above all… integrity. They are worth the drive.

We Tested 100 Diamond Websites and 10,000 Local Stores

I use insider information to test diamond stores, to find diamond experts that do it the right way : offering the finest diamond quality, huge selection, honest diamond advice, and the lowest diamond prices. Over 99% fail the first test, and even more fail when we collect customer comments or we have to get involved to resolve disputes for consumers. The jewelers that remain on our list are superlative. And… I am willing to tell you exactly how we do business. If others try to get affiliate fees from you, and hide it, then what else are they hiding? I am wide open, telling you that we approach the few jewelers that pass, to arrange referral fees. NOW before you scream “bias”, remember I did test the stores, and I testedbefore we arranged for referral fees. I am not just picking whatever company will pay us, whether they are good or not. These stores have PROVEN they have what I am looking for. So we all win this way!

Your Honest Open Resource

  1. You Win :: You get a store that has proven to be superior in tests
  2. They Win :: They get a customer that is educated and prepared (like you)
  3. I Win :: If you buy from a jeweler we passed, we get a small fee.

And remember… I answer your diamond questions and help you, before I even know where you are buying.

Keys To Safety

The wrong jeweler will cheat you no matter how much you know. The right jeweler will give you a good deal, no matter how little you know. So… Find the right jeweler first, then find your diamond.

Dear Diamond Shopper ::

I consider it an honor to help you on your quest for a diamond. I wrote these tutorials to help you avoid the diamond scams, and find the best diamond specialists, and I will help you with answers to your questions. And don’t forget the reason for this purchase. I will help you keep the romance alive at all stages of your search!

Yours truly,

Robert Graves
Founder and President,
Diamond Helpers, Inc.

Thousands of  Clients. Here is what they say!

I get a thrill when I hear I helped someone save money and stress, and make this important decision.

Robert – I just want to thank you for taking the time out to create your website. I have just spent the last 2 weeks (intensively) finding out about diamonds, spent the whole day searching every dealer in London’s Hatton Garden, and now spent the whole evening reading your site and realizing I made the right choice. If only I had come to your website first I would have saved myself many hours researching – although I did enjoy it! So no particular question on this occasion, just a very big thumbs up and a warm thank you.

Aldo S, independent iVouch.com website

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