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A diamond is one of the three largest purchases most couples ever make : a house, a car, and a diamond. The house and car we all experience and learn about as we grow up, while the diamond remains a mystery until it’s time to buy one. I am here to help with that. Let’s get to it.

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Diamond 4 C’s Guide… explains ::

Cut (shape and make)
Carat Weight
How to Decide the Four C’s in a Flash
How to Decide the Size of Your Diamond
And the test…

Diamond Four C’s

Beyond the 4 C’s Guide… explains ::

Why diamond certificates
Date of the cert
The plot
Diamond shape
GIA cut grade
AGS cut grade
EGL cut grade
Crown angles
Pavilion angles
Laser Inscriptions
And the test….

Beyond the Four C’s

Diamond Pricing Guide… explains ::

Diamond databases
Rapaport Diamond Report
How shape affects price
How carat weight affects price
How color affects price
How clarity affects price
And the test…

Diamond Pricing

Diamond Scams Guide… explains ::

Top 20 scams in fine stores
Diamond simulants
Diamond synthetics
Diamond treatments
Fake lab certs
How to avoid most scams
And the test…

Diamond Scams

Choosing A Jeweler Guide… explains ::

How to choose a jeweler
Deciding to buy local or online
Finding an online jeweler
How I rate online jewelers
Test reports for online jewelers
Finding a local jeweler
How I rate local jewelers
Test reports for local jewelers
And the test…

Choosing a Jeweler

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Learn About Jewelers

The Most Important Tutorial

If you do not take any other tutorials, at least take the last one, about choosing a jeweler. If you choose the wrong jeweler, they will charge you too much or cheat you, no matter how MUCH you know. If you choose the right jeweler, they will give you a good deal, no matter how LITTLE you know!

Learn About Jewelers