Top 20 Diamond Scams

The 20 most common scams in stores
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Reviews and Testimonials for Diamond Helpers

Go with Robert, he knows the deal!

I strongly recommend checking out Diamond Helpers!! They have an excellent 6 part tutorial where you gradually get an understanding of what you want. I initially had no clue where to begin and by the end of my reading and actually looking at store diamonds, I came up with a good understanding of what I wanted for my budget. He was dead on……. at what to watch out for.

Once brick-and-mortar jewelers understood who they were dealing with, they became less friendly BUT quickly dropped their prices to what they felt was their bottom. In the end, that’s what counts. Rather get a good deal than get screwed in a nice way!

When all was said and done, my experience was that on-line jewelers were the best bet to save money. No taxes unless you live in the state where the on-line company is located– that makes a big difference especially if it’s a bigger loose diamond. These companies have less overhead AND more selection.

The most important part of Diamond Helpers.. was Robert Hensley. I actually asked him multiple questions and he promptly responded. He’s very seasoned–gives you great advice but allows YOU to ultimately make the decision on what to do! I have no reservation highly recommending him.

Brilliant advice

I would like to thank Mr Robert Hensley so much for his help and advice in finding me a diamond engagement ring, and also for his patience!

I would’ve definitely made the wrong choice if it was not for his web site and the advice I was given by emails. All my questions were answered promptly and honestly, and I would recommend anyone to check your queries with Mr Hensley before purchasing your ring. Thank you again.

Great support

Having never heard of either Diamond Helpers or Robert, I can’t believe how helpful and educational his analysis was. I was just as skeptical as I would have been regardless the topic of research. They equipped me with an arsenal of benchmarks and standards that make this whole hustle as transparent as possible. I haven’t made a purchase yet but there is a store that was recommended local to me worth looking into. I was really unsure of the right course of action in regards to getting the most value for my money and DH definitely pointed my in the right direction. Thanks for giving your time and for the quick response. Just like he says, he replied to my email within hours and followed up with another. I will post if I end up making a Purchase