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Diamonds: 10,000 Jewelers Rated By Our Expert Staff

Diamond Stores:
We test to find the best!

We tested 24 top websites and 10,000 jewelry stores in the U.S. to find diamond experts that do it the right way, with high quality, selection, honest advice, and low prices. Over 99% failed the first test by phone, and even more failed when we collected customer comments and had to get involved to resolve disputes. The jewelers that remain on our list are extreme in every good way. Then we approached the rare and few jewelers that passed, to arrange referral fees. And before you scream "bias", remember I tested before we arranged for referral fees, so we all win this way!

1) You get a store that is truly superior
2) They get a customer that is educated and prepared
3) And if/when you buy from a jeweler we passed, we get a small fee.

It's the true win-win-win scenario. And remember... I answer your questions and help you, before I even know where you are buying.

MAIN POINT: Don't waste your time at a jeweler that might be dishonest. They can cheat you no matter what you know. Don't buy from a jeweler that has a high markup even if she is honest. The right jeweler will give a good deal, no matter how little you know. Find the right jeweler first, then find your diamond.

Buying Locally?

We Tested 10,000 Local Stores:
Click here - request your free report on the stores that passed
How jewelers are tested - secret shopper tests and background checks tell the real story (don't believe the ads you read)
20 reasons to buy locally - many advantages for a negligible price

Buying Online?

We Tested 24 Online Stores:
Click here - detailed reports on two that still pass
How I test online jewelers - the entire process
Why I do this - it's personal for me
Diamond Tutorial: How to buy online - our indepth tutorial

NOTE: This is a free consumer information site, and we DO NOT sell diamonds.

Welcome to Diamond Helpers.com...
My name is Robert Hensley. I was a diamond dealer and jewelry store manager for 12 years, buying and selling over 10,000 engagement rings, and since then I have been helping people avoid scams and get the best value for 7 years now. Read my story (and a major reason why I do this) here. Basically, when I was taking lessons at GIA, I found out my father got cheated in a big way, and I put this information online to help other people avoid the scams. I have since tested over 10,000 online and local stores to find the jewelers that do it the right way, offering value and integrity.

Please read and learn all you can...
anywhere you can, to protect yourself. The basics are a lot more simple than some sites would like you to think. You do NOT have to become a gemologist to make a good diamond decision. Yes, this is a huge purchase. Yes, it carries the emotional charge of a lifelong commitment. Yes, you want to do the best job for your sweetheart. And you certainly don't want to be cheated. But no one taught you about diamonds in school, did they? So do your homework, read our tutorials, and most of all research some stores until you find a jeweler you can trust, before you start selecting a diamond. There are a lot of stores that offer good prices or good service or good selection or good quality, but almost no one does it all. It was hard for me to believe, but I tested 10,000 stores and only found a few dozen that passed! Talk about frustrating!

If someone passed our testing in your area...
they are worth a drive or a phone call. These are the true benchmarks to compare against anyone else you find. You will probably end up going back to jewelers that passed because they have it all: prices, quality, selection, helpfulness, expertise, service, and most important of all... integrity.

Don't forget the reason for this purchase, and keep the romance alive at all stages of this experience!

Email me: Here

Yours truly,

Robert Hensley
Founder and President,
Diamond Helpers, Inc.

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