Top 20 Diamond Scams

The 20 most common scams in stores
and 13 precautions to avoid them.



Who Are The Best Buyers Of Large Diamonds?

“My wife is looking to sell an 8.20 carat, round, I colour, vvs1
diamond, GIA certificate. It is currently set in a ring.
I wonder if you have any experience with buyers ?”

The best buyers of anything are the ones that have shown integrity over the years. I have not tested the companies that buy diamonds from consumers yet. I have been focusing on testing stores that sell diamonds instead. But I know some of the stores that buy and sell large goods, called specials in the trade.

One I know in Houston, and one in L.A., and one in Atlanta. I can pass your message along and see which is most interested. They might not want to buy, but they will have connections or can broker the transaction, and they are people I trust with my life. Do you have a preference among those locations, if they are all interested?

-Robert Graves