Top 20 Diamond Scams

The 20 most common scams in stores
and 13 precautions to avoid them.



How to Read a GIA Diamond Certificate

Your fourth step in finding the right diamond is to go beyond the 4 Cs and learn the important details about certified diamonds and GIA diamond certificates (or Diamond Grading Reports as they are technically called) — so you can compare any two diamonds accurately. The price of a diamond is in the details, so this is more important than it seems.

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Introduction to GIA Certified Diamonds

 Print sample certificates to follow along
(links to sample certificates by GIA and all other major labs)
 Why a certificate?
 Aren’t all labs the same?
(covers GIA, AGS, AGL, EGL, IGI, others)
 Every store has different prices

The 13 Quality Factors:
Going Beyond the 4 Cs

1  Cut (advanced): how shape affects the price
2  Measurements (advanced): how they affect beauty and price
3  Carat Weight (advanced): how it affects the price
4  Proportions
5  Depth percentage
6  Table percentage
7  Culet
8  Finish
9  Polish
10 Symmetry
11 Clarity grades
12 Color grades
13 Fluorescence

Additional Information on the Certificate:
Date of the report — it’s important
 Plot — the map of inclusions