Top 20 Diamond Scams

The 20 most common scams in stores
and 13 precautions to avoid them.



How to Choose A Dealer

Diamond Dealer Q and A: Can you tell me how to choose a dealer? What questions should I ask to make sure I will not get cheated?

Below are 11 questions you should ask your jeweler if you prefer to look around on your own.

If you want to save time, our expert staff have already rated the top dealers. The results are published in our unbiased Dealer Ratings.

Eleven Questions to Test Your Jeweler:

Ask a jeweler these questions (or find out for yourself) to see if the store measures up to the necessary standards. Selling diamonds requires specific contacts and special knowledge that most jewelers never develop. A jeweler must answer YES to ALL of these questions if you want to get a great price for a quality stone. If not, consider buying your diamond from someone else, even though that retailer may be an excellent, reputable source for other jewelry. Happy hunting!


1 — Will you show me the Rapaport wholesale diamond price list for the diamond I choose?

2 — Does each diamond come with a grading certificate from one of the respected independent gem labs (GIA, AGS, or EGL)?

3 — Do you offer a written, 30-day, money back guarantee?

4 — Have you properly handled all outstanding complaints with the Better Business Bureau? (Call the BBB in your area to find out.)

5 — Will you give me the full price if I want to trade the diamond later for a larger size?

6 — Do you specialize in loose diamonds and fine jewelry (rather than birthstones, class rings, crystal, and sports watches)?

7 — Has your company been in the diamond business for at least 2 years?


8 — Do you have a microscope (not just a loupe) so I can easily see the diamond under magnification?

9 — Do you have a set of diamond or CZ master color grading stones to compare the color of the diamond I choose?

10 — Do you have a GIA graduate gemologist in-house to answer my diamond questions?

11 — Do you have a full-spectrum diamond light for color grading (instead of the regular display lights that artificially enhance color)?

Call Around

Now make some calls and find a jeweler who can answer YES to all of these questions. If you find one, spend a little time there asking questions about quality and learning a little about the 4 Cs. We will discuss how to make quick decisions about the 4 Cs in the next issue.

Can’t Find A Good Dealer?

If you can’t find anyone who qualifies as a good diamond dealer, you should read our Dealer Ratings — revealing the best diamond sites on the Web. We spent many months analyzing and rating the top 10 diamond sites for prices, customer service, selection, search engines, etc. You will save hundreds or even thousands of dollars with the right dealers, not to mention many hours of research time.

Why a good dealer should be your first priority and your first step in a diamond hunt.