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Marriage Proposal Ideas

So, it's time to pop the question? First, some important tips about making your proposal something she will remember, without breaking the bank.

In a recent poll, 85% of women stated they were "disappointed" in the way they were proposed to. Click here to find out how to avoid the most common mistakes and create a proposal that she will always treasure:

The RoMANtic's Guide to Popping the Question

Below are some of the most interesting proposal ideas we collected from other men, and from women's favorite ideas. Some are "Wild", some are "Mild", and others are "Out There", but you can use these suggestions to stimulate your own ideas.

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Marriage Proposal Ideas
Arrange to meet her in a beautiful park near some riding stables. Rent a knight's armor from
a costume shop or theatrical company and pick it up on the way. Rent a horse at the stables, don the armor, ride up to meet her and offer to be her prince. Present the loose diamond with princely flair on bended knee. You could have someone in the bushes nearby ready to play Holst's "Jupiter" as she starts to see you in the distance.
2. MILD:
Cook and set an elaborate candlelight table (or cater if you are not talented in the kitchen) for a quiet romantic dinner for two at home. Serve her a glass of champagne/juice/ with the diamond ring ribboned to the stem or cup handle.
(Please do not put the ring in the bottom of the cup.)
3. WILD:
Have an artist friend paint her portrait, showing a box with a loose diamond in her hand. Of course, make sure the portrait is complementary. The other option is to draw it yourself, even if it is a cartoon version or just a stick drawing. Make a special moment to show her something you made for her. When you present the portrait, have the ring ready when she asks about that part of the portrait.
4. MILD:
For a special gift occasion, box and wrap a sweet stuffed animal with a ribbon for a collar. You might even sneak her old favorite from her room at home. Have the ring tied into the bow for her to find as she cheerfully greets her cuddly friend.
Have a plane sky-write your proposal. Something like "Jenni Skyler, will you marry me?" Yes it's been done before, but it's a big splash. Other versions use billboards, radio ads, etc. Plan it for the day of a scheduled picnic, boat ride, scenic hike above town, or other outing so she is sure to see it. Have your loose diamond ready when she sees your proposal.
6. WILD:
Hire a magician to entertain just the two of you. Talk with the magician about the best ways to mix the proposal into his regular act. For one idea... on the last trick, he could make the box with the loose diamond mysteriously appear as the surprise ending, or a card that says "Will you Marry Me?". Work with the magician to create the most workable ideas.
7. MILD:
Memorize a short French love poem and take her to a romantic (preferably French) restaurant. Be sure to know what each word means, so you can make it deep and meaningful. At a good time during the meal, perhaps after dessert or coffee, recite the poem to her to express your feelings. To make the biggest impression, learn to say "I love you" or "Will you marry me?" in French, and slide a preprinted, folded paper toward her, with the translation on it, as you offer her the ring.
8. MILD:
If you plan to propose around Christmas, decorate a Christmas tree with lights and only one ornament -- a ribbon or bow tied around a velvet ring box. Ask her over for a Christmas celebration for just the two or you.
9. MILD:
For a very traditional approach, ask her father for her hand in marriage. When you have approval, make plans for the next family gathering, but make your proposal to her in private with diamond in hand. When she says yes, arrange with the parents a good time that night for you to take the stage so to speak, and announce your engagement to everyone.
10. WILD:
Prime a friend with harmless little secrets about the two of you, and have him pose as a psychic when you dial. Be sure to ask the right personal questions to make it look authentic. Have the psychic predict a diamond in her very near future. Then make your proposal on the spot.
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At a college or professional sporting event (if you both like sports), arrange to have your message displayed on the scoreboard after halftime..."Karen...Will you marry me?" Have the diamond ready in a presentation box.
12. MILD:
Arrange to have dinner together at your favorite Chinese restaurant. Have the waiter give her a special fortune cookie with "Will you marry me?" in it. Or you could have it say, "You will receive a diamond in the very near future." And present the diamond in a box.
(Make sure you personally know and trust the waiter enough to do this!)
During dinner at your favorite restaurant, arrange with the waiter to have the diamond in a box as one of the choices on the dessert tray. Tell her she is the sweetest thing you know and you can't resist her any longer.
14. MILD:
Did you meet on a dating site or the internet somehow? So many people do these days.... On a night when you are both home, after a romantic movie that involves internet dating, like Sleepless in Seattle or something similar, send her a romantic Ecard and include "Will you marry me" in the personal message. Make sure she checks her email, because you know she has something special waiting for her.
15. MILD:
For the chocoholic: Melt some dipping chocolate. You will need a dipping recipe on the internet, and you will need to practice to make sure it works well before the big night. Put the ring into a very small box that seals up well. Chocolate-dip the little ring box with the ring in it, and mix it in with the other goodies in the center of a pile of chocolates when you are alone for the evening. She will always wonder what's in the largest piece of candy. Pick it up for her and open it with a flair.
16. MILD:
For the word gamer: Invite her to play Scrabble or Boggle or some other word game at home. Before she gets there, hide some of the letter tiles that spell: "Marry Me", (under your tea cup or something else inconspicuous on the table). At some point in the game, move the cup and wait until she sees the proposal tiles. Have the diamond ring in your pocket ready and bring it out when she sees the words you wrote.
17. MILD:
For the tech-savvy: Create a personal Web page with her name, and your proposal, with a picture of the diamond ring in its box, and send her the Web address. Or better yet, sit down together for some other reason for a while, like when you want to surf for good vacation sites, or research some good new date ideas. To keep it real for a bit, visit a site or two along those lines, before you type in the site address for your proposal page.
Set a date to go to the movies, then rent ad space for your proposal at your favorite theater. Make sure you are good at graphics, so you make a good impression when everyone sees her reaction in the theater. Make sure you have the diamond with you. And be prepared, you might want to scratch the movie and go home instead.
Take her for a surprise picnic at the beach or in the woods. At the picnic spot, spell out "Marry Me" with stones, flowers or seashells. Or if you have a path you know is private, arrange everything ahead of time a little earlier that day, and take her that way for your walk. You could even hide some picnic supplies (but not food to attract animals). Put the diamond in her hand when she says yes.
20. WILD:
Rent a limousine for the evening. Have the driver pick you up first, then pick her up at home or work. Ask the driver to roll up the privacy window. Have one of her favorite evening dresses inside to change into. Take her to an elegant restaurant where you have pre-arranged that the staff will serve you IN the limo in the parking lot for your own romantic dinner. I did this, and my sweetheart loved it. Have the driver play your favorite romantic music, or give them your iPhone with your favorite station on Pandora, while you enjoy the privacy for your unique dinner. Present the diamond after dessert.

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